Critical Timing

We had to respond to a very important request, ‘we need to select a Company to move our infrastructure from one side of an MOD ‘base camp’ (VC10 aircraft maintenance facility) to another, Is this something you can help us achieve?

Never to be deterred, we acknowledged their request and travelled down to the site, after all we have worked within many MOD sites and always support our ‘troops’ and assist with their requirements.
On arrival, this was no simple feat, heavy machinery had to be moved from their old location to their new site, the machines indicated were simple, the time constraints were not as plausible, after all we were going to stop the Defence Support Group from carrying out there contractual agreements to the RAF!
The concerns to the DSG were as follows;


FPA Ltd, were not deterred by the timescales that were outlined to them, although other competitors were more resided to use a safe approach and insist on a longer window to complete the task. We gave confidence to the procurement department that this was achievable and on face value, halved our competitors evaluation to the task.

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