Cost Saving

We had an email from a very well established company that was at the forefront with being an engineering company manufacturing a comprehensive, high specification range of Panic and Emergency Exit Hardware.

They needed assistance with merging their two sites into one location,
Again, the ergonomic pattern to their business were not to affect their customer or infringe on their own downturn, whilst how a workplace and the equipment used there can best be designed for comfort, efficiency, safety, and productivity.

Their issues faced were as follows;

FPA Ltd, sat around the table with our client and gave our previous customer experience on how to approach and adapt to there requirements, we advised them that to attack all parameters at once may not be the best solution and in fact, phase the move into more manageable portions even if this meant slowing the process down to confirm each stage was complete and running to expectation.

The result was that even though the budget was based on two weeks, it spanned over four weeks to complete, never the less the budget was not infringed, we advised and kept communication with our client and as committed, when we had to return on 3 occasions to line and level certain machines once running that the operative was concerned about, this never hindered our working relationship or subsequently cost our client.

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