Project Management

FPA Ltd were contacted by email to help resolve an issue with a leading filter manufacturing company, they had to relocate to their new location without any downturn to their trading responsibilities and asked for our advice if this was feasible.

Their main concerns were as follows;

FPA Ltd from the outset advised them on the best practicable way to approach their challenge, giving them definitive areas to work on first so they would not be curtailed by the move.
Between us we looked at slow moving raw materials, customer orders and their committed delivery times, machines that run on so many hours per day and staff usage time. Using our combined synergies, which meant utilising weekends and out of hours work patterns along with acceptable achievements within the working day, FPA Ltd managed to accomplish a very tight and strenuous outcome for our client.
The result was as predicted, their customer base was not affected, the move went according to plan, and as advised from the outset, the budget that was anticipated was never in doubt.

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